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 Life Goes On
(1965) on IMDb

As its pilot project, students from Exeter’s MA Translation Studies have subtitled in English the lost Spanish classic, Fernando Fernán-Gómez’s El mundo sigue (Life Goes On, 1963), following an earlier project in which former Foreign Language Centre resource assistants translated the film’s script for teaching purposes.

This Madrid-based melodrama is a powerful critique of Spain’s political system at the time of its release, the Franco dictatorship. It explores female suffering and voice and is an early example of Spanish feminist cinema. The commercial copy currently available has only French subtitles, making the film inaccessible to English-speaking audiences. ‘Subtitling World Cinema’ therefore makes this critical film available to world audiences for the first time. It will be free to view until 31 January 2022 and has been screened at the Exeter Phoenix in 2019.

For Professor Faulkner’s article about this film, Delayed Cinema and Feminist Discourse in Fernando Fernán-Gómez’s El mundo sigue (1963/1965/2015), is available here.

As we subtitled work that has never been subtitled in English before, or never been made available with English subtitles before, we will add them here.